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              I wish the 18th Chinese Nursing Association Disinfection Supply Center Development Forum a complete success!

              Time:2022-11-29 Publisher: Views:582次

              In order to promote the health and health reform and the overall requirements of "Healthy China 2030", firmly establish and implement the development concept of innovation, coordination, green, open and sharing, implement the industry standards of disinfection supply center, constantly promote the development of nursing specialty of disinfection supply center, and establish effective quality control evaluation standards and scientific management system. The Professional Committee of the Disinfection Supply Center of the Chinese Nursing Association insists on taking the people's health as the center, taking the comprehensive deepening of reform and innovation as the driving force, constantly meeting the diversified and multi-level health service needs of the people, improving the nursing professional quality of the disinfection supply center, and providing a strong guarantee for the medical quality and safety. In order to better face the new opportunities and challenges, to promote China disinfection supply center nursing business into a new era.

              The 18th National Disinfection Supply Center Development Forum of Chinese Nursing Association is scheduled to be held in the form of remote live broadcast from December 15 to 17, 2022. In order to meet the majority of nursing colleagues of disinfection supply center attending the forum, it will be played back from December 18 to 21. The theme of this conference is "Guide to Strengthen the profession, inherit and start the journey", sharing the new progress and new trends of professional academic. Renowned experts at home and abroad will be invited to give keynote speeches and seminars on hot topics. At the same time, representative academics will be selected for exchange and wall exchange. Welcome the nursing colleagues of the disinfection supply center to attend the meeting. The contents and related matters are hereby notified as follows.

              First, the theme of the conference: Guide to strong professionalism ? Inheritance and starting the journey

              Ii. Main Contents of the Meeting

              1. Exposure control risk and control in endoscopic decontamination;

              2. New progress in the field of disinfection supply in international hospitals;

              3. Construct and implement standardized quality evaluation system to promote continuous quality improvement of disinfection supply center;

              4. Risk factor management of disinfection supply center;

              5. Cost control and performance management of disinfection supply center;

              6. Professional human resource model construction and talent team training of disinfection supply center;

              7. Information technology assists the professional management and quality improvement of the disinfection supply center;

              8. Difficulties and quality improvement in the treatment of external medical devices;

              9. Interpretation of key points in the technical operation guide for cleaning, disinfection and sterilization of external medical devices;

              10. Follow IFU and establish standardized device treatment process;

              11. Equipment testing under the new standard and first-time sterilization parameter testing;

              12. Management of external medical devices and implants, overweight and oversized bags and rigid containers;

              13. Opportunities, challenges and risks brought by the establishment of regional disinfection supply centers for hospital disinfection supply centers;

              14. Study on the application effect of different aseptic packaging materials;

              15. Risk factors in the use of rigid containers, inspection and maintenance;

              16. Risk and safety prevention of electrosurgical instrument handling;

              17. Nursing research under the background of big data;

              18. Standardized training of nurses in disinfection supply center;

              19. Nursing research and innovation of disinfection Supply Center;

              20. Human resource management of the Disinfection Supply Centre;

              21. Informatization construction and development of disinfection supply center;

              22. Nursing management and patient safety;

              23. Hot spots and difficulties in nursing management, risk management and early warning under normal epidemic prevention and control;

              24. Common problems and solutions in communication between disinfection supply center and operating room;

              25. Application of specialized nurses in the work of disinfection supply centers;

              26. Risk control of electrosurgical instrument handling;

              27. Treatment and effect evaluation of precision instruments.

              Iii. Activity Time: December 15-17, 2022

              Iv. Project No. : 2022-14-05-1574

              V. Registration and payment method

              Use computer 360 browser on academic department https://xsb.zhhlxh.org.cn/, check the information in personal center, click on the online meeting in academic conference service platform choose this meeting into the page, click on the "sign up for - to pay", fill in the correct invoice information and then click the "generate orders", Only wechat payment and UnionPay payment are supported. After payment, click "Go to watch" to enter the learning page to complete the course.

              Vi. Conference Fee: 300 Yuan will be charged for online learning.

              Vii. Precautions

              1. All participants will be awarded 6 credits of Class I of national Continuing Medical education. Please log on the national CME network two weeks after the conference to apply for and print the electronic score card of information feedback system. Query web site: https://cmegsb.cma.org.cn (open the web site directly click inquire after, need to enter a project number and name)

              2. All the selected papers will be modified by the Chinese Nursing Association to make an electronic paper compilation. The download of the paper compilation can be downloaded by following the official wechat account of the Chinese Nursing Association and selecting "Academic Continuation of Education" - "Data Download".

              3. Please ensure that the account number, name and mobile phone number of the registration information are correct when paying online; otherwise, it cannot be completed.

              Eight, link square type

              Contact person: Mr. Zhang

              Contact number: 010-85768216/010-85768212

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